JS Foundation and Node.js Foundation Announce Initial Keynotes and Full Agenda for JS Interactive in Vancouver

  • Conference showcases enterprise development best practices, new innovation and emerging standards for JavaScript technologies

    SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2018 :undefined:–:undefined: TheJS FoundationandNode.js Foundationtoday announced the initialkeynotes and full agenda for JS Interactive, taking place October 10 -12 in Vancouver BC, Canada. Experts from Alibaba Cloud, American Express, Best Buy, Disney, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Mozilla, Netflix, PBS, Walmart, Samsung, and Slack will present on how their organizations are adopting a range of JavaScript technologies, techniques, platforms and frameworks.

    JS Interactive is a vendor-neutral event uniting the leading developers, end users, technical experts, maintainers and companies in the JavaScript ecosystem to further the education and advancement of Node.js and JavaScript. The program covers a broad spectrum of JavaScript ecosystem technologies, concepts and applications trends including server-side JavaScript, IoT, internationalization, accessibility, progressive web apps, serverless, voice-based apps, the offline-first approach, and much more.Registerfor JS Interactive by July 20 to save up to$549 USD. The full JS Interactive program can be viewedhere.

    :undefined:“:undefined:JS Interactive is one of the must-attend conferences for JavaScript developers,:undefined:”:undefined: said Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy for Google Cloud Platform, Google. :undefined:“:undefined:The conference not only focuses on future trends related to this vast ecosystem, but also provides best practices for addressing common needs of the enterprise from security to performance.:undefined:”:undefined:

    :undefined:“:undefined:JS Interactive brings both community and enterprise leaders under one roof to tap into the wealth of creativity and innovation within the ecosystem,:undefined:”:undefined: said Kris Borchers, Executive Director of the JS Foundation. :undefined:“:undefined:JS Interactive fosters knowledge sharing and practical dialogue that is indispensable to individual developers and senior executives alike. The event also educates end users on how to best adopt JavaScript within their businesses.:undefined:”:undefined:

    :undefined:“:undefined:This should be a great event for both core developers and end users of JavaScript technology,:undefined:”:undefined: said Todd Moore, VP Open Technology of IBM and Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation Board. :undefined:“:undefined:Couple this with the great venue that Vancouver is and this will be memorable. The line up of talks and the concentration of experts make this the JavaScript event for the year.:undefined:”:undefined:

    The schedule will feature keynotes and sessions from leading open source technologists including:

    • Garth Henson, JavaScript Engineer and Software Architect, The Walt Disney Company, keynote on JavaScript enterprise adoption and use at Disney
    • Alex Grigoryan, Head of Engineering for the Online Grocery and Application Platform team, WalmartLabs keynote on contrasting two approaches to tech transformation
    • Alolita Sharma, Principal Technologist, Amazon Web Services, shares best practices on how to globalize your JavaScript and Node.js applications
    • Teri Chadbourne, Developer Advocate, IBM, presents on the Offline First approach to web development
    • Myles Borins, Developer Advocate, Google, discusses inconsistencies between ES Modules and Common.js and how the Node.js Project is addressing and reconciling the problem
    • Antoinette Janus, Software Engineer, PBS Kids, talks about bridging the gap between designer and developer in contemporary web trends and topics
    • Nara Kasbergen, Software Engineer, NPR, outlines building voice-based apps with Node.js
    • Jamund Ferguson, JS Architect, PayPal, shares best practices for debugging Node.js in production
    • Ipsha Bhidonia, Tech Speaker, Mozilla, discusses service workers and how to start developing progressive web applications
    • Kazuhito Yokoi, Researcher, Hitachi, presents on different tooling around Node-RED

    Along with keynotes and panels, JS Interactive will host several workshops during the conference. Workshops include:

    • :undefined:“:undefined:An Introduction to Web Components and Polymer,:undefined:”:undefined: John Riviello, Distinguished Engineer and Chris Lorenzo, Distinguished Engineer, Comcast
    • :undefined:“:undefined:Master Serverless with JS Foundation Architect,:undefined:”:undefined: Brian LeRoux, CTO, Begin
    • :undefined:“:undefined:A New Way to Profile Asnc Activity in Node.js,:undefined:”:undefined: Mathias Buus, Open Source Developer, nearForm
    • :undefined:“:undefined:Reading the Repo: A Workshop on Clear, Effective Communication Techniques,:undefined:”:undefined: Jory Burson, COO, Bocoup
    • :undefined:“:undefined:Vue.js Vixens Workshop,:undefined:”:undefined: Jen Looper, Senior Developer Advocate, Progress
    • :undefined:“:undefined:Hands-On Introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift for JavaScript Hackers,:undefined:”:undefined: Ryan Jarvinen, Developer Advocate, Red Hat

    Join the conference on social by following our hashtag #jsinteractive.

    Registration, Accommodations and Travel to the Venue

    Registerhereby July 20 to save up to$549****USDon registration. Hotel room rate discounts are availablehere. Book early to secure a spot and receive the discounted rates. Flight discounts are also available with Air Canada and Delta, more on how to secure a discounthere.

    JS Interactive Diversity Scholarship

    JS Interactive is awarding a few scholarships based on a combination of need and impact. The scholarship includes a conference pass, coach airfare and hotel accommodation for three nights. For eligibility and how to apply clickhere. All submissions are due by July 6.

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